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Prof. Dr. Shizuka Uchida is a Professor (WSR) in Bioinformatics and RNA Computational Biology and Co-Director at the Center for RNA Medicine, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University.


Prof. Uchida’s lab (Cardiovascular Bioinformatics: is interested in elucidating the functions of lncRNAs and epitranscriptomics enzymes using dry (bioinformatics) and wet (biology) lab techniques. He and his team have built a number of bioinformatics tools to help analyze high-throughput data (e.g., microarrays, RNA-seq). With extensive experience in biochemistry, developmental biology, and molecular biology, Prof. Uchida utilizes knockout and transgenic mice to understand the effects of lncRNAs and epitranscriptomics to cardiovascular system and development.

My research focuses on non-coding RNAs (i.e., lncRNAs, microRNAs) and epitranscriptomics (i.e., A-to-I RNA editing) in cardiovascular system and disease using both dry (bioinformatics) and wet (biology: biochemistry, developmental biology, molecular biology) lab techniques.

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