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Ribosome biogenesis & function

Ribosomal RNA modification & processing





Denis L.J. Lafontaine received a research MSc (1991) and a PhD (1995) in Molecular Biology & Genetics from the University of Namur(Belgium) under the supervision of feu Prof Jean Vandenhaute. He conducted post-doctoral training (1995-2001) with Prof David Tollervey in the Gene Expression program at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL, Heidelberg) and The Welcome Trust Center for Cell Biology at the University of Edinburgh. Denis was recruited to a permanent position with the Belgian F.R.S./FNRS in 2001, and since then has worked as a Principal Investigator at the Institute of Molecular Biology & Medecine at the University of Brussels. Denis is currently a Professor at the University of Brussels and a Research Director with the F.R.S./FNRS. He is a co-founder and co-director of a preclinical imaging center, the Center for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging (Cmmi). He co-organized the International Ribosome Synthesis Meeting in 2012 (Banff, Canada), in 2015 (Brussels, Belgium), and in 2018 (Magog, Canada).  In 2017, he was appointed as Dissemination Officer for the COST project Epitran on Epitranscriptomics. In 2018, he joined the ULB-Cancer Research Center (U-CRC).  He is involved in an international Master on RNA Biochemistry at the University of Lorraine and is acting as a referee for journals in the field of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and for international funding agencies.



Pre-rRNA modification: HiSeq-based approach, quantitative HPLC, primer extension on natural and derivatized RNAs, metabolic labelingPre-rRNA processing: high resolution quantitative northern blot analysis, primer extension, metabolic labeling (pulse-chase)Nucleolar imaging: brightfield, confocal (spin-disc) and EM, live-cell imaging, high throughput screening, siRNA screensCancer biology: mouse xenografts, cell growth assays



– human cells– budding yeast


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– Companion website at Www.RibosomalProteins.Com

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-Companion website at Www.RibosomeSynthesis.Com

“We are entering an exciting era where for the first time RNA modifications can be mapped globally at once on the entire transcriptome by use”

“There are exciting cases of RNA modification crosstalks where an enzyme known to be active on one class of RNA is now shown to be working on”