Cancer Epigenetics

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Prof. Carmen Jerónimo is Invited Associate Professor in Pathology and Molecular Genetics and the Director of the Master Course in Oncology at the University of Porto, as well as Group Leader of the Cancer Epigenetics Group at the Portuguese Oncology Institute of Porto (IPO Porto), Portugal.

She obtained her BSc in Biology (1994), MSc in Oncology (1998), PhD in Biomedical Sciences (2001) and Habilitation in Pathology and Molecular Genetics (2011) at the University of Porto.

She performed her PhD project at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA under the GABBA Programme, working on prostate cancer genetic and epigenetic alterations.

From 2002 until 2007, she was a Post-doctoral Fellow and Invited researcher at IPO Porto, in collaboration with JHU, working on detection of neoplastic cells by DNA-based technology in clinical samples obtained from non-invasive or minimal invasive methods.

In 2008 she established her independent group at IPO Porto, working on Cancer Biology and Epigenetics (FCT-2008 Science Program).

Her research interests are focused on the characterization of the epigenome of tumor cells, as well as the identification of functional changes involved in the breakdown of cell epigenetic homeostasis. In the context of Personalized Medicine, she is especially interested in the development of new of cancer epigenetic biomarkers based in liquid biopsies as well as in the drug discovery for cancer based on the modulation of cancer-related epigenetic aberrations. Owing to the relevance that Immuno-oncology has demonstrated in recent years, she is also investigating the epigenetic modulation of expression of biomolecules involved in immune checkpoint regulation, aiming at the improvement of immunotherapeutic strategies by combination with epi-drugs. More recently, she started tackling the contribution of deregulated non-coding RNAs expression and its interaction with other epigenetic mechanisms that may induce/promote malignant transformation.

She has supervised 3 PhD students and co-supervised 5 PhD students, as well as supervised 27 master students and several undergraduate students. Presently she mentors 2 Post-doctoral fellows, 3 PhD students, and 4 Master students. As scientific leader, She has collaborated in a patent submission (Methods and biomarkers for detection of bladder cancer US 20130210011/ EP 2630261 A1/ WO 2012052844 A1), based in a study from a collaboration with the Norwegian Radium Hospital and has participated in international projects funded by European Commission, within the Seventh Framework Programme (EpiDiaCan) and several nationally wide funded projects (FCT, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and LPCC-NRN). She has authored or co-authored more than 160 international scientific publications including four book chapters and several review articles and she serve as Section Editor of Clinical Epigenetics and Associate Editor of International Journal of Molecular Sciences and BMC Cancer.

She was MC substitute member of Action TD0905 (CMST) – Epigenetics: Bench to Bedside and presently she is MC member and Chair of Working group WG2 of COST Action CM1406 (CMST) – Epigenetic Chemical Biology (EPICHEM) and MC member of COST Action European Epitranscriptomics Network- CA16120-EPITRAN.


-Quantitative methylation specifi PCR

-Bisulfite sequencing,

-Analysis of histone marks in a cellular context (IHC, WB, ChiP),

-In Vitro phenotypic Assyas: in vitro proliferation (MTT), apoptosis, Invasion, and wound healing and pharmacological assays,

-In vitro systems for genetic alterations: siRNA, shRNA, crispr/cas9 technology, genetic transfection,

-Tumor and bodily fluids banking.


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