Ever since 2009, Christoph kept his attention on computational RNA biology related topics and combined this aspect with bio-medical research questions.

He is currently a W3 Professor at the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University and PI at the Klaus Tschira Institute for Integrative Computational Cardiology. He is also appointed as PI at the German Centre for Cardiovascular research (DZHK, partner site Heidelberg / Mannheim). Since April 2018, he has been the local HiGHmed site coordinator for Heidelberg University Hospital, where he is actively involved in developing the cardiology use case (electronic health records, natural language processing , sensors and apps).

His main research focuses on computational RNA biology, bioinformatics methods and systems cardiology. He is specifically interested in RNA processing (splicing, translation) and post-transcriptional network analysis to advance our understanding of cardiovascular health and disease and develops circular RNAs as new addition to the field of RNA therapeutics. Recently, his first manuscripts on computational analysis of RNA modifications were published (see publications) and his current unpublished projects are driven by single cell and single molecule sequencing methods.   


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