Dr. Alberto Dávalos , BSc, MBA, PhD, holds a degree in Pharmacy and Biochemistry by San Marcos University (Lima) and a PhD in Pharmacy by Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid). He has conducted postdoctoral research at the Hospital Ramón y Cajal (Madrid ), at Yale University  School of Medicine, (New Haven), and at New York University School of Medicine (New York).

Dr. Dávalos´s research program focuses in identifying and characterizing new noncoding RNAs (miRNAs, lncRNAs and other type of regulatory RNAs) that regulate lipid metabolism and the effects of minor dietary components (micronutrients) on their expression. His experimental approaches include human intervention studies, animals model studies, ex vivo studies and different organoids and cell culture studies. Noncoding RNAs have been recognized as critical modulators of cardiovascular system in health and disease. He hopes to: (i) identify new therapeutic strategies through modulating noncoding RNAs levels by the diet or other lifestyle factors to treat cardiometabolic diseases; (ii) understand lifestyle modification of the epigenome and personalize the health of individuals using epigenetics (particularly noncoding RNAs) for the development of Precision Nutrition; and (iii) to identify novel approaches and mechanisms based on miRNAs (i.e. transported in exosomes) to regulate the gut microbiota or for cross-kingdom regulation.



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