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Current position: Professor, Vice-Dean and PhD Supervisor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biology, University of Bucharest, Vice-President Scientific Council UB-Senate.

Post-graduate education: 1993-1994: Pre-PhD fellowship in the “Genetics and Molecular Biology” laboratory, University of Paris, France1994-1997: PhD “Molecular Biology of the Cell”, University of Paris XI, U178 INSERM 178; 1997Doctor in Biology – Biochemistry, University of Bucharest, Diploma Degree series P no 179/8.12.1997; 1997- Doctor in Sciences, Specialized in “Molecular Biology of the Cell”, University of Paris-XI, France; Diploma Degree series PAR XI no. 1749019/ 24.07.20002000 – Post-Doctoral internship Biotechnology Institute, Faculty of Sciences, UMR CNRS 118, Limoges, France.

Published books, works and papers – 12 monographs; 7 book chapters in international books, 4 books chapters in a national book (in English), 108 ISI articles, total IF>230; 30 summary in ISI Journals, 3 proceedings (ISI), 90 in BDI journals, 35 papers in international conferences, in extenso, 52 in international conferences, in summary, 2 national and 1 international patents; 78 genetic sequences in GENBANK ( GenBank).

            Scientometric indices: H ISI Thompson Reuters coefficient = 20, 1160 citations Thompson Reuters: Researcher ID = F-2806-2016; H SCOPUS/Google Academic=27, i10 index=50 (Google Academic); 2090 Google Academic citations


Personal skills and competences: Genomic and transcriptomic analysis for animal (fish) biomarker identification, molecular cloning, DNA Transfer in prokaryotes/eukaryotes, DNA sequencing and mutation analysis, protein biological functions, stem-cells proliferation and molecular markers evaluation; biocompatible structures for bioengineering and regenerative medicine; Bioinformatics and biostatistics methods in genomics and transcriptomics.


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