2´O-methylation (Nm)

small non-coding RNA

gene regulation



2019 co-group leader of the TErBio lab IBPS – Paris, France

2015 HDR (Habilitation)Sorbonne Université –

2016 co-group leader of the GED lab IBPS – Paris, France

2006 PhD, Biology, Genetics – Pasteur Institute Paris, France

2003 MSc, Biology, Genetics – Jacques Monod Institute, Paris, France



sncRNAs, RNA methylation, Epitranscriptomic, chromatin, RNAPII biogenesis. Pr. Yuri Motorin, University of Lorraine, Nancy; Pr. Josef Gecz – Australia, Child Hospital of Adelaide; Dr. Matthias Schaefer, MFPL, Vienna; Dr. Jean-Yves Roignant, IMB, Mainz; Dr. Damien Brégeon, IBPS-B2A, Paris & D. Guérineau, ICSN Gif/Yvette.



  • Institut de Biologie Paris Seine – January 2019 co-group leader of TERbio team: Transgenerational Epigenetics and small RNA biology (HCERES evaluated wave D Dec 2017)

  • Institut de Biologie Paris Seine (IBPS). Since 2016: co-group leader of the Genetics & Epigenetics of Drosophila Laboratory. IBPS, Paris. Since Sept 2013: Associate Professor – Sorbonne University. IBPS.

  • IBPS, France. Sept 2011-Oct 2013: ANR Postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Antoniewski lab.

  • Wistar Institute of Philadelphia, 2009-2011 & Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona 2007-2009: Postdoctoral fellow. Pr. Shiekhattar lab.

  • IRB-Barcelona, Oct 2006-May 2007: Short term Postdoctoral fellow, Pr. Azorin lab.

  • Pasteur Institute, Pierre et MArie Curie University (now Sorbonne University) Paris. France. 2002-2006; PhD in Genetics.


Fly Genetics

small RNA biochemestry (RIP, IP, NB, WB, qPCR, RNAseq)

cell culture (Flies and Human)


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