Research Associate in the Laboratory for Plant Molecular Biology in the Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, University of Belgrade. In 2013. obtained PhD in Molecular biology at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade in the field of plants’ molecular biology, genetics and proteomics (characterization of buckwheat heteromorphic self-incompatibility). As a postdoc leading a research of maize response to abiotic stress (cold and drought) at transcriptomic, epitranscriptomic and metabolic level. 

Specialization in bioinformatics („ChIP- and DNase-seq data analysis workshop” in 2014, CSC-IT science centre, Espoo, Finland and „Next Generation Sequencing data analysis” training school in 2015, Riga, Latvia), food safety and security (GMO analysis, National representative of the Republic of Serbia in the expert exchange program for Food safety and Security “Open World 2017” with USA) and education (Higher Education Didactics and Designing Higher Education Curricula, TRAIN programme 2016, University of Belgrade and King Baudouin Foundation).

Teaching activities: Methodology in Molecular Biology (PhD studies in Molecular biology), Developing Academic Skills Course (BSc students of Life Sciences) and implementation of awarded research projects (BSc students of Life sciences).

Involved in the science promotion events (Researcher’s Night, Plant Fascination Day, etc.) and the coordinator of H2020-MSCA-NIGHT-2014-633376 (SCIMFONICOM 2014-15) project in 2014 and 2015.

Published more than 15 papers in peer review journals in the field of molecular biology and genetics.



Nucleic acids: RNA and DNA isolation and purification; cDNA synthesis; PCR, qPCR and RT-PCR; agarose gel electrophoresis; gene cloning; restriction digestion analysis; microsatellite analysis;  DNA Sanger sequencing; NGS transcriptome sequencing; etc.

Proteins: protein isolation and purification; IEF, SDS-PAGE and 2D-PAGE; western blotting; fluorescent microscopy

Data analysis: primer design; nucleotide/amino-acid sequences alignments; phylogenetic analysis; GO and KEGG analysis; basic NGS data analysis; differential gene expression analysis; basic data mining


     Eshaghi, M., Shiran, B., Fallahi, H., Ravash, R., Banović Đeri B. (2018). Identification of genes involved in steroid alkaloid biosynthesis in Fritillaria imperialis via de novo transcriptomics. Genomics 

2.       Banović Đeri B., Pajić V., Dudić D. (2018) Revealing new information from existing genomic data for pepper mild mottle virus pathotype determination“. Crop Protection 107: 93-103.